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China (17) Cote d'azur (7) France (7) Guilin (6) Italy (6) Venice (6) Nice (5) Norway (5) Longji (3) Longsheng Terraced Fields (3) Nicaragua (3) Ometepe (3) Vassfaret (3) Li river (2) Promenade des Anglais (2)

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Chinese street from China Guilin

Chinese street China Guilin

Chinese train from China

Chinese train China

Statue in Berlin from Germany Berlin

Statue in Berlin Germany Berlin

Rivera View from France Cote d'azur Nice

Rivera View France Cote d'azur Nice

Cigarette from China

Cigarette China

Taken from an bus.

Piazza San Marco from Italy Venice Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco Italy Venice Piazza San Marco

Bridge building from China

Bridge building China

Train bridges from China

Train bridges China

Colours in Nice from France Cote d'azur Nice

Colours in Nice France Cote d'azur Nice

Summer flower in Sweden from Sweden Västra Götalands Smögen

Summer flower in Sweden Sweden Västra Götalands Smögen

Dusk in Venice from Italy Venice

Dusk in Venice Italy Venice

Villefranche-sur-Mer from above from France Cote d'azur Villefranche-sur-Mer

Villefranche-sur-Mer from above France Cote d'azur Villefranche-sur-Mer

Waited for the train, there is so much in such small space it almost looks like a diorama.

Old tree from Norway Vassfaret

Old tree Norway Vassfaret

The moment from China Guilin Longji Longsheng Terraced Fields

The moment China Guilin Longji Longsheng Terraced Fields

I thought I would be alone at sunset, I was wrong. Actually turned out a nice morning with very friendly people.

Summer life from Norway Oslo Nordmarka

Summer life Norway Oslo Nordmarka

Chinese cliché landscape from China

Chinese cliché landscape China

Escalators and sign from China Guilin

Escalators and sign China Guilin

Rainy tourist day from China Li river

Rainy tourist day China Li river

Chinese roadside work from China

Chinese roadside work China

Full moon winter night from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Full moon winter night Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Factories and pipes from China

Factories and pipes China

Venice Sunset from Italy Venice

Venice Sunset Italy Venice

Reflection in Venice from Italy Venice

Reflection in Venice Italy Venice

Summer in Nice from France Cote d'azur Nice

Summer in Nice France Cote d'azur Nice

Red houses along Rallarvegen from Norway Hardangervidda Rallarvegen

Red houses along Rallarvegen Norway Hardangervidda Rallarvegen

Hong Kong skyline from China Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline China Hong Kong

Cross country at night from Norway Vassfaret

Cross country at night Norway Vassfaret

Chinese shop from China

Chinese shop China

Pink sunset Venice from Italy Venice

Pink sunset Venice Italy Venice

Chinese proverb from China Guilin

Chinese proverb China Guilin

Skagerak from Skagerak

Skagerak Skagerak

Li River at morning from China Li river

Li River at morning China Li river

Hotel coulours from France Cote d'azur

Hotel coulours France Cote d'azur