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Norway ( 6 ) Oslo ( 3 ) Nationalteatret ( 2 ) Pyramiden ( 2 ) Svalbard ( 2 )

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Lowering the flag from Norway Oslo Regjeringskvartalet

Lowering the flag Norway Oslo Regjeringskvartalet

Downtown Oslo Corona from Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

Downtown Oslo Corona Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

Port of Pyramiden from Norway Svalbard Pyramiden

Port of Pyramiden Norway Svalbard Pyramiden

Port at almost deserted Pyramiden, an ghost town

Pyramiden sign from Norway Svalbard Pyramiden

Pyramiden sign Norway Svalbard Pyramiden

Deserted Corona street from Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

Deserted Corona street Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

No Vacancy American Motel from USA Washington State Olympic National Park

No Vacancy American Motel USA Washington State Olympic National Park