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New York (2) Oslo (8) USA (5) Norway (8) Nationalteatret (2) Jernbanetorget (2) Boston (2)

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Grab a Taxi New York from USA New York

Grab a Taxi New York USA New York

Sunrise Boston from USA Boston

Sunrise Boston USA Boston

I think the light here was good, Unfortunately I should captured more of the bottom part

Sun in Boston Street from USA Boston

Sun in Boston Street USA Boston

Shadows in Oslo from Norway Oslo

Shadows in Oslo Norway Oslo

Downtown Oslo Corona from Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

Downtown Oslo Corona Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

Rainy day in Oslo from Norway Oslo Jernbanetorget

Rainy day in Oslo Norway Oslo Jernbanetorget

Downtown from USA Idaho Boise

Downtown USA Idaho Boise

Old Oslo from Norway Oslo

Old Oslo Norway Oslo

Running man in Colour from USA New York

Running man in Colour USA New York

Deserted Corona street from Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

Deserted Corona street Norway Oslo Nationalteatret

Reflection in Oslo from Norway Oslo

Reflection in Oslo Norway Oslo

Snowy night at Jernbanetorget from Norway Oslo Jernbanetorget

Snowy night at Jernbanetorget Norway Oslo Jernbanetorget

Sauna in Oslo from Norway Oslo

Sauna in Oslo Norway Oslo