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Norway (26) Oslo (9) Nordmarka (6) Vassfaret (5) Hedalen (4) Nordland (4) Skrim (4) Skrim og Sauheradfjella naturreservat (4) Østmarka (4) USA (3) Femunden (2) Hellmobotn (2) Idaho (2) Saw tooth mountains (2) Spålen-Katnosa natureservat (2)

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Bow to the sun from Norway Oslo Østmarka

Bow to the sun Norway Oslo Østmarka

Clouds in Vassfaret from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Clouds in Vassfaret Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Trillemarka farm from Norway Trillemarka

Trillemarka farm Norway Trillemarka

Winter forest from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Winter forest Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Winter evening in the old forest from Norway Oslo Nordmarka

Winter evening in the old forest Norway Oslo Nordmarka

Aumtumn sunset in Simskardet from Nordland Børgefjell Simskardet

Aumtumn sunset in Simskardet Nordland Børgefjell Simskardet

Simskardet is a very nice way in and out of Børgefjell National Park

Pine in the morning from Norway Nordland Rago nasjonalpark

Pine in the morning Norway Nordland Rago nasjonalpark

Mountain lake during forest fire from USA Idaho Saw tooth mountains

Mountain lake during forest fire USA Idaho Saw tooth mountains

Norwegian Pinewood forest from Norway Femunden

Norwegian Pinewood forest Norway Femunden

Vassfaret forest view from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Vassfaret forest view Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Wilderness from Norway Femunden

Wilderness Norway Femunden

Curious sheep in Nordmarka from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Finnerud

Curious sheep in Nordmarka Norway Oslo Nordmarka Finnerud

Old Pine and the mountain from Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

Old Pine and the mountain Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

Trillemarka Panorama towards Andersnatten from Norway Trillemarka

Trillemarka Panorama towards Andersnatten Norway Trillemarka

Andersnatten is known in Norway for several reasons, I believe currently building an Via Ferrate with protests, I tend to agreeing with anybody trying to stop the destruction of the unspoilt.

Vassfaret panorama from Norway Vassfaret Aurlandsfjorden

Vassfaret panorama Norway Vassfaret Aurlandsfjorden

Gjerdingen at winter from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Gjerdingen

Gjerdingen at winter Norway Oslo Nordmarka Gjerdingen

Old cabin window from Norway Oslo Østmarka

Old cabin window Norway Oslo Østmarka

Spring forest after rain from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Spring forest after rain Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

First snow from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Snøploghøgda

First snow Norway Oslo Nordmarka Snøploghøgda

They used to leave an snow plow here, which gave the place it's norwegian name Snøploghøgda