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Norway (22) Nordland (6) USA (5) Hardangervidda (4) Hellmobotn (4) Vassfaret (4) Hedalen (3) Idaho (3) Saw tooth mountains (3) China (2) Li river (2) Olympic National Park (2) Troms (2) Washington State (2)

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Li River at morning from China Li river

Li River at morning China Li river

Forest sunset from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Forest sunset Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Snowing in Vassfaret from Norway Vassfaret

Snowing in Vassfaret Norway Vassfaret

Rainy tourist day from China Li river

Rainy tourist day China Li river

The camp from Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

The camp Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

Taken while trekking towards Hellmojuvet canyon and the Cannon

Hellmobotn trekking from Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

Hellmobotn trekking Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

From Mount Fuji at night from Japan Mount Fuji

From Mount Fuji at night Japan Mount Fuji

Pyramiden sign from Norway Svalbard Pyramiden

Pyramiden sign Norway Svalbard Pyramiden

Trillemarka farm from Norway Trillemarka

Trillemarka farm Norway Trillemarka

Red houses along Rallarvegen from Norway Hardangervidda Rallarvegen

Red houses along Rallarvegen Norway Hardangervidda Rallarvegen

Vassfaret forest view from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Vassfaret forest view Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Mountain flowers from USA Idaho Saw tooth mountains

Mountain flowers USA Idaho Saw tooth mountains

Mountain during winter from Norway Troms

Mountain during winter Norway Troms

Cross country from Norway Troms

Cross country Norway Troms

Puffin at spring from Norway Runde

Puffin at spring Norway Runde

Rainbow at Helgelandskysten from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten

Rainbow at Helgelandskysten Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten

Mountain lake during forest fire from USA Idaho Saw tooth mountains

Mountain lake during forest fire USA Idaho Saw tooth mountains

Old Pine and the mountain from Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

Old Pine and the mountain Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

Midday in Vassfaret from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Midday in Vassfaret Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Norwegian Pinewood forest from Norway Femunden

Norwegian Pinewood forest Norway Femunden

Sunset at Hardangervidda from Norway Hardangervidda

Sunset at Hardangervidda Norway Hardangervidda