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Norway (40) Oslo (15) Nordland (6) Nordmarka (5) Finnmark (4) Helgelandskysten (4) Skrim (3) Skrim og Sauheradfjella naturreservat (3) Trillemarka (3) Vassfaret (3) Vega (3) Femunden (2) Grense Jakobselv (2) Hedalen (2) Italy (2)

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Summer night at Jæren from Norway Rogaland Jæren

Summer night at Jæren Norway Rogaland Jæren

Vigelandsparken from Norway Oslo Vigelandsparken

Vigelandsparken Norway Oslo Vigelandsparken

Oslo Kitsch from Norway Oslo Town hall

Oslo Kitsch Norway Oslo Town hall

Sunset in the old forest from Norway Trillemarka

Sunset in the old forest Norway Trillemarka

Trillemarka is the largest old forest nature reserve in the southern part of Norway

Forest fire in Maridalen from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Maridalen

Forest fire in Maridalen Norway Oslo Nordmarka Maridalen

Trillemarka autumn sunset from Norway Trillemarka

Trillemarka autumn sunset Norway Trillemarka

The stairs the Spain Square from Spain Sevilla Plaza de España

The stairs the Spain Square Spain Sevilla Plaza de España

Summer sunset Oslo from Norway Oslo Bekkelagsbadet

Summer sunset Oslo Norway Oslo Bekkelagsbadet

Waiting for ferry from China Hong Kong

Waiting for ferry China Hong Kong

Sunset Tonekollen from Norway Oslo Østmarka Tonekollen

Sunset Tonekollen Norway Oslo Østmarka Tonekollen

Tonekollen is an nice hill on the border of Østmarka Nature Preserve, its on one of the main entrances to the preserve and nice place to camp for a night.

Packraft sunset at Sandungen from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Sandungen

Packraft sunset at Sandungen Norway Oslo Nordmarka Sandungen

Late sunset at Øyangen from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Øyangen

Late sunset at Øyangen Norway Oslo Nordmarka Øyangen

Tried out my new Leica DG 100-400 but tripod was to light so difficult to get without shake.

Vassfaret winter kitsch from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret Nevnlingen Skjerberget

Vassfaret winter kitsch Norway Hedalen Vassfaret Nevnlingen Skjerberget

Winter late sunset view towards Nevnlingen in Vassfaret

Venice Sunset from Italy Venice

Venice Sunset Italy Venice

Pink sunset Venice from Italy Venice

Pink sunset Venice Italy Venice

Summer sunset at Kåterudmåsan from Norway Oslo Østmarka Kåterudmåsan

Summer sunset at Kåterudmåsan Norway Oslo Østmarka Kåterudmåsan

Ormøya summernight from Norway Oslo Ormøya

Ormøya summernight Norway Oslo Ormøya

Watching the sunset from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Vega

Watching the sunset Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Vega

Old tree from Norway Vassfaret

Old tree Norway Vassfaret

Aumtumn sunset in Simskardet from Norway Nordland Børgefjell Simskardet

Aumtumn sunset in Simskardet Norway Nordland Børgefjell Simskardet

Simskardet is a very nice way in and out of Børgefjell National Park

Sunset in the ocean from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Vega

Sunset in the ocean Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Vega

Trillemarka autumn landscape from Norway Trillemarka

Trillemarka autumn landscape Norway Trillemarka

Femunden Landscape from Norway Femunden

Femunden Landscape Norway Femunden

Early sunset in Femunden.

Beach at Veststrålen from Norway Nordland Vestrålen

Beach at Veststrålen Norway Nordland Vestrålen

Sunset in Vistenfjord from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Lomsdal-Visten Vistenfjord

Sunset in Vistenfjord Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Lomsdal-Visten Vistenfjord

Waiting for the boat transportation out, it is very difficult to walk between the fjords in Vistenfjord

Spanish hills from Spain Grazalema

Spanish hills Spain Grazalema

Abstract Nordmarka from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Øyungen

Abstract Nordmarka Norway Oslo Nordmarka Øyungen

Sunset colours from Norway Viken Hvaler Kuvauen

Sunset colours Norway Viken Hvaler Kuvauen

Sarajevo Sunset from Bosnia Sarajevo

Sarajevo Sunset Bosnia Sarajevo

Old house at sunset from Norway Finnmark Varangerhalvøya

Old house at sunset Norway Finnmark Varangerhalvøya

Forest sunset from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Forest sunset Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Sunset at the beacch from Norway Finnmark Grense Jakobselv

Sunset at the beacch Norway Finnmark Grense Jakobselv

Turned out to be a nice sunset

Femunden landscape from Norway Femunden

Femunden landscape Norway Femunden

Sunset at Hardangervidda from Norway Hardangervidda

Sunset at Hardangervidda Norway Hardangervidda

Sunset at Ingierstrand Bad from Norway Oslo Ingierstrand

Sunset at Ingierstrand Bad Norway Oslo Ingierstrand

Oslo Skyline winter sunset from Norway Oslo

Oslo Skyline winter sunset Norway Oslo