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Norway (30) Oslo (14) Nordmarka (7) Helgelandskysten (5) Nordland (5) Cote d'azur (4) France (4) Nice (4) China (3) Femunden (3) Italy (3) Rogaland (3) Spålen (3) Venice (3) Østmarka (3)

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Summer sunset at Kuvauen from Norway Viken Hvaler Kuvauen

Summer sunset at Kuvauen Norway Viken Hvaler Kuvauen

Rivera View from France Cote d'azur Nice

Rivera View France Cote d'azur Nice

The Cliche from Norway Rogaland Jæren

The Cliche Norway Rogaland Jæren

Oslo Kitsch from Norway Oslo Town hall

Oslo Kitsch Norway Oslo Town hall

Sunset in the ocean from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Vega

Sunset in the ocean Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Vega

Vigelandsparken from Norway Oslo Vigelandsparken

Vigelandsparken Norway Oslo Vigelandsparken

Pink sunset Venice from Italy Venice

Pink sunset Venice Italy Venice

Rainy tourist day from China Li river

Rainy tourist day China Li river

Night in Østmarka from Norway Oslo Østmarka Børtervann

Night in Østmarka Norway Oslo Østmarka Børtervann

Wilderness from Norway Femunden

Wilderness Norway Femunden

Venice Sunset from Italy Venice

Venice Sunset Italy Venice

Dusk in Venice from Italy Venice

Dusk in Venice Italy Venice

Dry Spålen from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Spålen

Dry Spålen Norway Oslo Nordmarka Spålen

Not a draught but they drained it a bit to fix something

Camping in Femunden from Norway Femunden

Camping in Femunden Norway Femunden

Rainbow at Helgelandskysten from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten

Rainbow at Helgelandskysten Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten

Øyungen in fog from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Øyungen

Øyungen in fog Norway Oslo Nordmarka Øyungen

Summer in Nice from France Cote d'azur Nice

Summer in Nice France Cote d'azur Nice

Forest fire in Maridalen from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Maridalen

Forest fire in Maridalen Norway Oslo Nordmarka Maridalen

Birds at Jæren from Norway Rogaland Jæren

Birds at Jæren Norway Rogaland Jæren

Sunset at Ingierstrand Bad from Norway Oslo Ingierstrand

Sunset at Ingierstrand Bad Norway Oslo Ingierstrand

Rivulet in Femunden from Norway Femunden

Rivulet in Femunden Norway Femunden

Summer evening Vassfaret from Norway Vassfaret Aurlandsfjorden

Summer evening Vassfaret Norway Vassfaret Aurlandsfjorden

Li River at morning from China Li river

Li River at morning China Li river

Sunset at the beacch from Norway Finmark Grense Jakobselv

Sunset at the beacch Norway Finmark Grense Jakobselv

Turned out to be a nice sunset

Skagerak from Skagerak

Skagerak Skagerak