The lake from Norway Østmarka Nordre Krokvannet

The lake

Sunset at Hardangervidda from Norway Hardangervidda

Sunset at Hardangervidda

Norway & Summer

Walking down to Visten from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Lomsdal-Visten

Walking down to Visten

Visten at early evening from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten Lomsdal-Visten Vistenfjord

Locations from Norway with tag Summer

Oslo Nordland Nordmarka

Femunden Hardangervidda Hedalen Vassfaret Helgelandskysten Hellmobotn

Plane in the forest from Norway Oslo Nordmarka Hakkloa

Plane in the forest

Forest Old forest Water

Light Lake Ocean Blue Green Evening Alone

Summer sunset Oslo from Norway Oslo Bekkelagsbadet

Summer sunset Oslo

Wilderness from Norway Femunden


Vigelandsparken from Norway Oslo Vigelandsparken


Vassfaret old forest view from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret

Vassfaret old forest view

Vassfaret black and white from Norway Hedalen Vassfaret Bringen

Vassfaret black and white

Værøy Northern seaside from Norway Nordland Lofoten Værøy

Værøy Northern seaside

Train tracks along Rallarvegen from Norway Hardangervidda Rallarvegen

Train tracks along Rallarvegen

The camp from Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

The camp

The Troll from Norway Oslo Østmarka

The Troll

The Cliche from Norway Rogaland Jæren

The Cliche

Tent camp from Norway Nordland Hellmobotn

Tent camp

Sunset at the beacch from Norway Finnmark Grense Jakobselv

Sunset at the beacch

Summer sunset at Kuvauen from Norway Viken Hvaler Kuvauen

Summer sunset at Kuvauen

Summer road from Norway Nordland Helgelandskysten

Summer road